Fun Things To Do With Your Kids in Raleigh, NC

In this modern society, where technology has become a vital part of our lives, it can be hard to find children activities that require kids to put down their gadgets in favor of play in the sunshine and fresh air. Well, rooted in much of the USA's history, the Raleigh region has a good mix of the past, the present as well as the country's future. Not only that, it hosts an array of activities that are ideal for everyone. Most of them are convenient, enjoyable, inexpensive and sometimes even free. 

That said, here are a few activities that your kids may enjoy during your next visit to Raleigh, NC:

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

This is an iconic, fabulous and entirely free museum found right in downtown Raleigh. The museum is made of two buildings, the Nature Research Center and the Nature Exploration Center. The Research Center is perhaps the most popular, offering kids the chance to do some hands-on exploration. Your children will learn plenty about animals in the museum which displays preserved fossils, specimens and much more. 

You will also come across the Daily Planet Cafe, located in the Nature Research Center building. However, this isn't your average cafe as if features fresh and local cuisine including avocado salad and fish tacos. With so much to do, you can easily spend a day here. 

Pullen Park

This is the first public park in NC, and it's the fifth oldest running amusement park in the country. It is found adjacent to the NC State Campus and features various kiddie rides such as trains, carousel, and kiddie boats. You will find plenty of space for your kids to run around and play on different playground equipment and structures. Not just that, the park hosts covered picnic areas which can be rented. They also feature paddle boats that can be rented for just $1 per person. 

The NC Museum of Art

This is yet another free museum that's excellent for kids. It hosts an array of both permanent and traveling exhibits and a splendid outdoor park that connects nature with art.

This museum offers several programs for families. You will come across a park pack that's complementary to use, and it features activity guides and several fun items that help children explore. If your kids love art, then this is a perfect place to spend the morning, afternoon, or even the entire day.

Other events and activities for families include Saturday workshops, pop art activities and even weekend family tours. 

Frankie's Fun Park

Every kid loves bumper boats, laser tags, and go-carts, but that does not mean you won't. Frankie's Fun Park is designed to cater to all ages. It is an amusement park of all sorts. The park is open until around 9 to 10 pm during the week and up to 12 am during the weekends. 

The Videri Chocolate Factory

Are your kids Willy Wonka fans? Chances are they are and so, expect them to be excited for a trip to this fun chocolate factory. There's a counter where you can sample various chocolate specialties, and also one where you can buy chocolate drinks. Perhaps the amazing part about this place is that it is nut free. Visit during the day, and your kids will learn a lot about chocolate. 

Whoever told you Raleigh, North Carolina was a boring destination for kids was dead wrong. As you can see, there are many fun destinations where your kids can enjoy during summer. And guess what, that's not all. If you are planning a vacation trip to Raleigh with your children, consider the above-mentioned locations for an enjoyable one.

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